iSchool Augmented Navigation Application

ISANApp is mobile app designed and prototyped for students of the UT School of Information as a tool to consolidate relevant information for the user. This project involved every element of the user experience process from requirements gathering and design to protoyping and evaluation. As a member of the ISANApp group I participated in each aspect of the UX design process.

The design process included:

Contextual inquiry and analysis involving relevant stakeholders and potential users.

Conceptual model creation.

Persona creation and storyboarding.

Prototyping of elements using Axure.

Writing design documentation.

The entire design focused on creating an application that could potentially be used by students at the University of Texas, School of Information to access information on their mobile devices that they both require and need to succeed . Many of the pain points associated with accessing relevant information came from the disjointed nature of the UT iSchool resources. After speaking to students, teachers, and staff within the iSchool and observing different tasks being performed, weidentified several key themes that emerged as functions the app should focus on. These topics included communication, navigation, information regarding the IT lab, a calendar, announcements, and reservations for rooms and equipment.

Identifying these topics allowed us to focus our attention on diverting work flows to ISANApp and its functions. While we did not desgin for the back-end, which would include staff and professor access, we did create the workflows surrounding the steps the staff and faculty currently go through to provide information to students. By doing the extra work of creating workflows for the back-end we made it easier for designing for the front end and providing us with the tools necessary for designing the back-end interface should we choose to further this application.

An element of contention for the entire project was the use of augmented reality(AR) as a feature we wanted to include. In order to prototype the AR function we first had to work through some disagreements regarding the nature of the AR. As a group we had to come to a decision about using AR as a primary function or adding it in as a supplementary function to the main uses of the app. Ultimately, we decided to focus on the 6 main functions that users were most reliant upon and interested in and used the AR functionality to supplement a function like navigation.

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About Me

As mentioned above, my name is Matt. I currently reside in Austin, TX and have spent the last two years as a student at the University of Texas School of Information. During my time as a Masters degree candidate, focusing on user experience and archival practices, I worked as a volunteer in the film department of the Harry Ransom Center and as the UT Videogame Archive Intern at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. Working at those two institutions allowed me the chance to explore archival practices and afforded me the opportunity to understand user experience in physical spaces and within the context of educational institutions. Understanding physical spaces as it relates to UX and the potential ties to the digital represents an interesting path UX appears to be forging and a path that interests me greatly.

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The University of Texas at Austin
MSIS, Master of Science in Information Studies

The University of Texas at San Antonio
BA, Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies
Summa Cum Laude


UT Videogame Archive Intern
Austin, TX
Cataloged, and encoded finding aids for the UT Videogame Archive.
Processed born digital materials including hard drives, 5.25” and 3.5” floppy disks.
Assisted in the creation of forms and policy related to the archive and its contents.
Performed outreach duties involving donors and members of targeted communities.
Developed content strategy for the creation of a centralized Briscoe Center information hub.
Created an interactive exhibit using materials from the archive utilizing user experience principles and concepts

Harry Ransom Center Film Collection Volunteer
Austin, TX
Scanned, OCR'd, and transcribed documents from the David O. Selznick collection.
Assisted in the design and creation of web exhibit material.
Performed basic preservation, cataloging, and processing work.

San Antonio, TX
Developed and wrote screenplays for entrance into film festivals and competitions.
Researched procedures for establishing copyright on created materials.
Worked to establish connections with local area media groups.


MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Gantt Project, Libreoffice Document, Calc
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Axure, InVision, moqup
Qlik, Tableau
Basic PHP, HTML, CSS knowledge
PC hardware Installation
User Experience, User Centered Design Principles, Content Strategy, Storyboard creation, Persona Creation, Creative Writing, Research


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